About Us

The Confederation Court Community House is a non-profit, multi-functional organization that aims to strengthen community through holistic wraparound services and by providing clients with resources that are otherwise difficult to access due to socio-economic barriers.

Our Mission

At Confederation Court Community House, our mission is clear: to provide responsive programs and services for children, youth, and families residing in fixed and low-income communities. Guided by an equitable and strength-based approach, we are dedicated to ensuring that every individual in our community has the support and resources they need to thrive.


The Mandate

  • To provide educational, recreational, and social programs and services to the residents living in the area. 
  • To offer confidential support and referrals to children, youth, and families. 
  • To ensure a safe and comfortable environment where individuals can access programs and services. 
  • To provide outreach and intervention support to vulnerable youth. 

Our Purpose

The Confederation Court Community House is a community-based agency that opened its doors in 1991 with the purpose of ensuring the families living in the Confederation Court neighborhood and surrounding areas have access to social, educational, economic and recreational supports they need to maintain optimal wellbeing.

We believe in the power of community-driven initiatives, which is why our programs are developed and delivered within the community itself. By engaging directly with residents and listening to their needs, we can tailor our services to address the unique challenges and strengths of each neighborhood.

We ensure residents in the immediate Community Programs are community driven and delivered within the community across 4 areas of focus.

  • Community Development and Advocacy offers drop-in services and community action supports.
  • Child & Youth Development offers recreational and educational activities to support youth development.
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing offers culturally informed mental health and advocacy services.
  • Food Security programs offer culturally responsive food distribution and capacity building
  • English Instruction offers English Language classes to newcomer women

    Our Journey

    From humble beginnings to impactful initiatives, each step of our journey reflects our unwavering dedication to serve our community.

    The Community House

    The Confederation Court Community House was founded in 1991, the year of Confederation. The original funding source of $15,000.00, was received through the Regional Government of Canada.

    During this period, L.I.N.C, afterschool program and a Hot Lunch program, were the only programs being offered. L.I.N.C-Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada- was also founded in 1991. Originally, classes were offered to both men and women.

    Since the year 2000, Confederation Court Community House has adapted a program to serve women only.

    The Mural

    Through the Painted-Up Project, partnered with Crime Prevention, the youth of the community came together in 2021 to create a mural that represented what their community meant to them. The beautiful piece of artwork is now displayed along side of the Community House.

    The Ottawa Coalition of Community Houses

    15 houses located in Ottawa Community Housing neighborhoods were honored with the United Way's most prestigious award, Community Builder of the Year, in 2018.

    Food Bank

    2021- Satellite Food Bank at 2100-2080 Russell Gardens, opened its doors to help meet the needs of our most vulnerable clients.

    In November of 2022, the Confederation Court Community House hosted the official grand opening of the newly renovated Food Bank space at 2312 Russell. While still located in the heart of the community, clients are now able to access a fresh, updated Food Bank space, where they can select items of their choice through a shopping model experience.

    Meet The Team

    Andrea Thompson

    Executive Director


    Kristina Wolf

    Program Manager


    Eyram Abla Semey

    Family Support Worker


    Our Partners